Home Sports News Charges dropped for soccer stars mourning Madiba

Charges dropped for soccer stars mourning Madiba


DIDIER Drogba and Emmanuel Eboue have escaped punishment from the Turkish Football Association.

Drogba and Eboue were charged after Friday’s game because they had not sought official permission for what was seen as a political statement. But after a groundswell of popular support for the Galatasaray stars the charges were dropped.dide

They unveiled tribute messages to Nelson Mandela on their vests after a game on Friday.

However, Turkey’s disciplinary committee backed down on Tuesday and have not fined the players.

Galatasaray reacted to the row by hanging a huge image of Mandela outside their stadium, ahead of Tuesday night’s game against Juventus, with a message saying: “Your legacy is in our hearts”.

Former Chelsea star Drogba tweeted on Monday that he would do the same again.

He wrote: “I’d be very interested to see your comments on this . . . I would do it again and again.

Not because of political beliefs but because this man inspired me, a country, a continent, the world!!!!!Thanks again, Madiba.

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