abf66465-925d-4821-a566-a00c56e70dd8_molemo_169x240_BBECAUSE I have fame and fortune, I can do as I please without fear, the sky’s the limit!
This seems to be what’s going on in the minds of celebs and other influential people as they move in and out of court and jail for being on the wrong side of the law.
From drunk driving, drug abuse, to spousal abuse, assault and theft to more serious crimes like rape and murder these seem to bring even the most famous people down to their knees.
Celebs are seen as role models, idols of perfection and expectations of their behaviour are high.
They are trusted to promote campaigns on road safety, abuse or health but they get charged for drunk driving or rape.
Some just cannot live up to the challenge to keep their noses clean.
Their brushes with the law seem to be kept under the radar because some are able to buy their way out of trouble.
A cop, who asked not to be named, said many celebrity cases just disappear into thin air.
“Friday, Saturday and Sunday are party days for most celebs and police do arrest them but cases hardly reach court as their agencies have connections,” he said.
SunBuzz asked readers whether they think celebs get away with crime and most seem to agree while others said they break laws to get attention and publicity.
Ethics and Business Law professor, Paul Fiorelli, said the reason why celebs or
powerful people unabatedly break the law, is “hubris”.
“Hubris is a sense of arrogance and entitlement. It gives high-profile, high-achieving people a sense that rules don’t apply to them,” wrote the professor.
Fiorelli added that people in power have high self-esteem and a positive view of themselves.
The words “only the little people pay taxes”, reportedly uttered by Leona Helmsley, sum up this mentality.
Research by Debate.org which asked the question: “Do celebrities get away with more crime?”, resulted in more than 90% of respondents saying yes.
Another policeman SunBuzz spoke to said a way to make sure that a celeb is held accountable is to get the media involved as quickly as possible.
“Once the case is in the media, you have no choice but to face the full force of the law, otherwise they use connections to escape,” he said.
In her Celebrities Too Cool for Court article, Mary Gee also wrote: “Lindsay Lohan and Robert Downey Jr, famous performers loved by millions, have consistently broken the law and never seem to be punished.
“On 26 February, 2011, Lohan arrived in jail and was escorted to her cell where she received her own mattress from her own house, a laptop on a table which had wireless access to the internet, her own array of make-up and the cherry on top of this cruel and harsh sentencing.
“She did not have to share the cell with another inmate.
“This is not a sentencing, this is a mandatory holiday away from home,” Mary was quoted as saying.
Mzansi celebrities who have in the past and recently had brushes with the law include, Jub Jub, Kelly Khumalo, Sipho “Brickz” Ndlovu, Julius Malema, Oscar Pistorius, Somizi Mhlongo, Ringo Madlingozi, Bad Brad and Phindile Ntshongwana among others.

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