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Car crush into dining room fleeing from hijackers in Rabie Ridge


It was a normal day of watching TV and spending some family time until a twin cab crushed into their dining room. Everyone was surprised as to what caused the accident until they heard the story.

The house is located next to the Apostolic Faith Mission corner Freedom Drive and Strandloper Road in Rabie Ridge Thembisa. The accident occured at around 10pm on Friday.

Car in dining room

The woman was driving along Strandloper Road towards Freedom Drive when she was hijacked and as she was coming to a stop sign where she lost control and literally flew into the dining room of her neighbours. The funny thing is this all occured less than a kilometre form the Rabie Ridge police station in Freedom Drive, this means that we need to increase on the security of the residents.

skid marks


car jump over durawall

Luckily no one was injured in the accident except for the house that had all the front wall down. The car and the property in the house didn’t seem so well as well. She saved the car from hijackers but destroyed the house next door. We can’t blame her as she acted from reflex but that reflex is causing another family to sleep out in the open.

car in house


We left the neighbours gathered around the house looking at that damage that had already been done. Tow truck was there to help pull out the car and i hope these guys have some good insurance.

Tow truck



Car 2



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