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Bulawayo Man causes HAVOC with his MAGNETIC 4-5 in Supermarket POKING 3 Women wireless

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A man recently caused havoc in a supermarket after three woman magically ‘gravitated’ towards his manhood.

The man, Isaac Nduna from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe was doing his shopping in Hillbrow Spar Supermarket. However, passersby’s were shocked to notice something weird. Each time the man stood still and played o his phone, a woman would ‘pin’ her b_um in his crotch.magnetic pp

One eye witness said the woman looked in their faces like they were having the time of their lives between the sheets. The man remained motionless and just fiddled with his phone/device. One woman who had ‘enjoyed’ the man said off camera that, “I felt like I was in cloud nine. I am a magosha by profession and I have tested many anaconda’s but this guy, yooooh’ She said before adding, “I just found myself pinned against him, its like my honeypot was being summoned by his thing. I really do not know how it happened because we both had our clothes on and there was no s_emen after but a had a terrific o_rgasm. It was magnetic”

Another eye witness also said the man was eventually escorted out of the store and he did not argue. When security searched him they found a driver’s licence from Zimbabwe registered under Isaac Nduna. The man also said he was a truck driver on his way to Namibia. he had just stopped by to buy some groceries for his journey.

The other two women who had ‘enjoyed’ his services refused to comment saying they were married.

Asked about the strange occurrence in the store, he said he did not rape anyone. ‘They came to me, I was busy doing my shopping and playing candy crush on my phone’ he said.

Source : iMzansi

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