Home Mzansi News Boyfriend Cuts Girlfriend’s Husband Ear!

Boyfriend Cuts Girlfriend’s Husband Ear!

Boyfriend Cuts Girlfriend's Husband Ear!

ANDILE Sombeteni (29) was furious when he found his fiancee was not at home.

When her friends told him she had left with another man, he thought it was an April Fool’s joke.

Boyfriend Cuts Girlfriend's Husband Ear!

But he got the shock of his life when he found his girlfriend in the arms of another man, at the man’s place!

Andile told the man that the woman he was with belonged to him.

Andile said the man went to his bedroom and fetched a panga.

He allegedly aimed for Andile’s head but missed and got him on the ear instead.

Andile, from Mthambeka section in Tembisa, ran for his life with his flapping, bleeding ear.

Neighbours who saw what happened to him rushed him to hospital and the nurses stitched the ear back.

The following day he reported the matter to Tembisa cops.

He said when his fiancee’s lover aimed for his head, he ducked.

“I thank God for saving my life. I could be dead by now.”

Andile said his fiancee sent him an SMS the day after the incident, apologising for what had happened. He said she told him to get another woman.

“I suspect this has been going on for a long time and I was not aware. I live with her but it is now clear that when I left for work in the mornings she spends the day with this man,” said a fuming Andile.

“I don’t want anything to do with her. I just want her out of my life. I almost died because of her.”

Daily Sun contacted his fiancee but when asked about the incident, she ended the call.

Captain Manyadza Ralidzhivha said a case of attempted murder has been opened.

“Cops went to the suspect’s place but we were told he had run away after the incident,” Ralidzhivha said.

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