Home Scandals Boy 17 Caught Raping Chicken Screaming in Pleasure

Boy 17 Caught Raping Chicken Screaming in Pleasure

Boy 17 Caught Raping Chicken Screaming in Pleasure

WHEN THE 17-year-old boy took a long time to pluck the chickens, Dimakatso went to find out what was happening.

What she saw has put her off chicken for the rest of her life.Boy 17 Caught Raping Chicken Screaming in Pleasure


Dimakatso Marotola (23), from Mahwelereng, near Mokopane, Limpopo said she had asked the teenager to slaughter and clean the chickens for her.

“He had the chicken in his lap and was busy raping it from behind while plucking it,” she said.

“He looked happy. It was obvious he was enjoying himself.”

Dimakatso then checked on the other chicken and found that it had also been violated.

“The boy confessed to me that chickens turn him on. I have never seen something like this before. I have heard that people rape animals but I didn’t believe it. What I saw made me sick.”

Meanwhile, Dimakatso has lost her appetite for chicken.

“His actions have put me off for some time,” she said.

Dimakatso said the boy had plucked chickens for her before.

“I don’t even want to think what he did to them. He is sick and he needs help.”

She spoke to the boy’s parents and they paid R90 in damages.

The boy’s 19-year-old sister said it was fair to give Dimakatso the cash to buy two more chickens.

“My brother is naughty and we were not surprised that he did that,” she told Daily Sun.

She said they cooked the two chickens and had a lovely dinner.

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