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Beaten and burnt to death


counci Mlete_236x240_BON CHRISTMAS Day Nompilo Ndlovu woke up and cleaned the house before preparing lunch.

It was a beautiful day and the family enjoyed the meal, but little did they know that it was Nompilo’s last day alive.

It all started when the 23-year-old woman from Mbali in Pietermaritzburg asked to visit her friends . . .

But she never came back home!

Her burnt body was found in a shallow grave at a suspect’s backyard. Her hands and legs were chopped off. It’s alleged that Nompilo and the suspect were lovers.

The Ndlovus were woken up by cops on Thursday morning.

“The cops asked for another family and we directed them to their house. They later came back and told us they were actually looking for us,’’ said Gida Ndlovu, Nompilo’s aunt.

“They told us Nompilo had been killed.”

The family then phoned Nompilo’s brother, who is a cop, to rush to the scene.

When he arrived there Nompilo’s body had already been dug out!

Gida said: “Nompilo was killed by a person we know. He lives in this area.

“He admitted to the police that he killed Nompilo after he bumped into her in the streets.

“He said he beat her and dragged her to his shack, where he strangled her and burnt her with a tyre.”

Cops discovered the shallow grave after a tip-off. According to them, the uncle of the suspect heard a “girl” crying in the night but didn’t go out to investigate.

Captain Thulani Zwane said the suspect confessed and was arrested.

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