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BBA: Nando instantly dismissed after threatening to STAB Elikem


63 days of laughter, fights and fun inside the Big Brother Chase game came to a standstill for three housemates yesterday.Nando vs Elikem

The reality show saw an interesting turn of events last night as trouble boy Tanzanian’s Nando ‘shot his own foot’ leading to his instant dismissal.

Nando was disqualified from the game after breaking Biggies rules of violation when he threatened to knife Elikem saying: “I feel like stabbing him. A ni*ga like that deserves to die.”

The 22 year old was also caught sleeping with scissors under his bed.

Annabel and Sulu were booted from the BBA house in last nights live eviction show.

Sulu was another unlucky prey to the replacements made by head of house Bimp.

“In the house you are forced to make an option. When I was head of house I had no beef with Angelo, but I had to put him up for eviction,” says Sulu.

Sulu says he had good relationships with the housemates, except with Pokello.

“I didn’t understand her. She once told me she has never experienced ghetto life, I am from the ghetto. What people saw on TV was nothing different to how I am in the outside world.”

The 26 year old has high hopes on Oneil, Melvin or Angelo to come out as winners of the chase game.

“Oneil is intelligent. I like how he views life, he has a chance of winning but he is losing it in the house because of his relationship with Feza.

“Melvin and Angelo are nice people and they have strong personalities they will make it to the last week.”

Kenya’s Annabel is betting on Melvin, Elikem, Dilish or Angelo to take the whopping $300,000.

“Elikem happens to be disliked in the house, but he is ambitious, passionate and has a sense of direction.

“Dilish will last in the house, she doesn’t have issues with people, and she is real.

“Angelo is mature and he knows his game plan and him being in a relationship with a Nierian will help.

Annabel says she liked Angelo but had to distance herself from getting into a relationship with him.

“Angelo and I had a bond, he caught my eye there is something about him. I had to drift away from him before I fall for him.”

Annabel admits that she and Beverly were not close since they liked the same guy.

“I am not that girl who will fight for a man. To be quite honest Beverly is more into Angelo.

“But Angelo is playing the game and she isn’t. He once told me he has a girlfriend outside and I just kept it to myself.

“Beverly kept nominating me because of Angelo and I was pretty shocked to learn that she told Biggie that I am cocky even when I left the house she was not interested,” she says.

Sulu says he had his eyes on three girls inside the BBA house and felt disappointed by Selly.

“Love is one of my weaknesses, I fall wholeheartedly. I was more into Selly but she liked Nando who just wanted to bang her but I suspect he never got it.

“I also liked Koketso but she was already kicking it off with LK4 so I stepped back and I also had my eye on Maria but none of my crushes had something with me,” he says.

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