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Aunt and Niece fight over ‘Sugar Daddy’


Wendy Mhlongo (27) claimed her aunt Zandile Mhlongo (45) bit her over a sugar

Aunt Zandile Mhlongo
Aunt Zandile Mhlongo


She said the fight was over a 60-year-old divorced video and photograph businessman.

Zandile admitted she sank her teeth into Wendy’s thighs, but denied they were fighting over her boyfriend.

“This girl is rude and lazy. That’s why we fought,” said Zandile.

“She was pressing my chest with her thighs. I had to use my teeth.”

The family said Zandile accused Wendy of trying to steal her boyfriend.

Wendy, a caregiver at Malukazi, south of Durban, said her aunt claimed she fancied her boyfriend.

“I challenged her. She started biting my thighs. My other aunts separated us.”

She denied fancying the man.

“I have a boyfriend. I’m happily involved. My aunt’s boyfriend used to come with groceries, but we’re not dating.”

Zandile reported the row to the family.

Relative Lindiwe Mhlongo (40) said Wendy and Zandile fought over who should buy food. Abel Msani, the man at the heart of the fight, said: “It’s absolutely not true that I wanted the niece Zandile as my girlfriend.”

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