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Arthur calls on nation to make ‘Madiba song’


Legendary king of Kwaito Arthur Mafokate calls for talented people and South African musicians to join him in making a song dedicated to former President Nelson Mandela in celebration of his contribution to South Africa as a nation.

Arthur Mafokate
Arthur Mafokate

“This is another way of showing Madiba appreciation; the song is basically about celebrating his life, making the younger generation understand his legacy.

“We are rejoicing all good things that have happened through him,” says Mafokate.

King of kwaito who named his son after Madiba says he still needs him to live longer and has faith that he will be out of hospital soon.

“I love that man so much that I even named my first son after him. Honestly I am not ready to lose Madiba.

“I have faith that he will recover soon, he is a strong man, a giant and a fighter,” he says.

Mafokate hopes to have the song for Madiba released by July, int time for Madiba’s 95th birthday.

The South Africans as well as other countries have been wishing Madiba a speedy recovery following the statesman’s admission into hospital for the fourth time since December for a recurrent lung infection.

“He is under expert attention and they [doctors] are doing everything to keep him comfortable,” Spokesperson Mac Maharaj says.

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