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American Newspaper claims Trevor Noah Shot Dead

Trevor Headline

The internet went ahead and killed comedian Trevor Noah again, but he has come out to prove that he is alive and kicking. In fact in true Trevor style he made a joke about the entire fiasco.


Houston News reported that the South African-born comedian had died following a shooting incident at Orlando. The web publication said Trevor was shot while greeting fans after a concert in Orlando as cited by Timeslive.

Some of the details in the story matched that of the tragedy around US musician Christina Grimmie‘s death. The musician was shot dead in 2016 by a “deranged” fan as she signed autographs.

This is not the first time Trevor has been a victim of fake news, back in March it was reported that he died after an alleged “car accident”.

Is this what American papers do to attract the attention of readers??? Its sickening.


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