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Generations previews for August


THURSDAY 01 August 2013: Ngamla is reluctant to betray someone he cares about. Khethiwe gets bad news and is devastated by it. Sello receives a visitor who wants to strike a deal with him.

FRIDAY 02 August 2013: Queen is horrified when she realises why Prince is acting so strange. If you want to serenade a loved one, it helps if you can sing… Mpilo’s new foster mother is revealed.


MONDAY 05 August 2013: Noluntu boasts about the great weekend she had with her new man. Choppa has to make a difficult choice – Zinhle or the prize money? Nicholas is jealous when his girl connects with another man.

TUESDAY 06 August 2013: The Memela children are shocked when Mawande arrives home. Phenyo is rattled to hear what his mistress is capable of. Dineo puts two and two together and is devastated by what she finds.

WEDNESDAY 07 August 2013: The gloves come off during a cat-fight at Ezweni. Queen is delighted when she catches Prince in the act. MJ comes to drunken Khethiwe’s rescue.

THURSDAY 08 August 2013: Noluntu reveals the real reason Ngamla went after Glen. Cindy realises Scott is hiding something from her. Choppa bids Zinhle an emotional goodbye.

FRIDAY 09 August 2013: Nicholas is surprised to see who Akhona’s hanging out with. And the award for best gambler goes to… Queen Moroka! Dineo’s worst fear comes true.


MONDAY 12 August 2013: Mawande finds out a shocking truth. Phenyo is a man in pain. Khethiwe chases a desperate friend away.

TUESDAY 13 August 2013: Senzo gets bamboozled into a high-stakes poker game. Noluntu tries to sabotage her mother’s search for truth. Cindy gets ready to carry out Scott’s sinister plan…

WEDNESDAY 14 August 2013: Nicholas is punished for someone else’s mistake. Ngamla finds out he was betrayed by one of his own. Queen’s poker night doesn’t turn out the way she expected it to.

THURSDAY 15 August 2013: A YonaYethu employee is chased off the premises. Akhona confesses all, unaware she’s being recorded. Phenyo reaches out to broken Dineo.

FRIDAY 16 August 2013: Noluntu tries to rope in a journalist for her revenge plan. A surprise announcement leaves everyone at Ezweni reeling in shock. Senzo is horrified when he finds out the truth.


MONDAY 19 August 2013: Prince catches Queen in the act. Scott takes an instant liking to a female colleague. Mawande panics when something important goes missing.

TUESDAY 20 August 2013: Fed up Dineo wants to move in with Ruby. Phenyo realises his problems have only just started. The Memela house is in turmoil after a shock revelation.

WEDNESDAY 21 August 2013: Noluntu will keep her mouth shut but at a price. Jason isn’t happy about the latest developments at home. Shock and horror when a long-hidden family secret finally comes to light.

THURSDAY 22 August 2013: Scott is disgusted to hear what his brother is capable of. Senzo threatens a staffer with a written warning. MJ finds comfort in a woman’s arms…

FRIDAY 23 August 2013: Dineo’s abusiveness lands Phenyo in hospital. Mawande decides to pack it all in and leave for good. Queen resorts to desperate measures to fund her gambling habit.


MONDAY 26 August 2013: Isabel is puzzled by MJ’s strange behaviour. What’s bad news for YonaYethu is good news for Jason. Noluntu finally gets what’s coming to her.

TUESDAY 27 August 2013: Scott is unsettled about what he witnesses in the editorial office. Embarrassed Phenyo realises his secret is out. A carefully planned romantic dinner ends in disaster.

WEDNESDAY 28 August 2013: Queen calls in sick, even though she’s not. Ruby doesn’t realise that her pep talk is falling on deaf ears. Khethiwe gets a late-night visitor, only he’s not interested in talking…

THURSDAY 29 August 2013: Lindi shows up at the Three Towers at the worst possible time. Cindy worries when Scott’s conscience starts to get the better of him. Dineo gets a taste of her own medicine.

FRIDAY 30 August 2013: Patricia gets the fright of her life when she arrives for work. Phenyo has finally had enough. Isabel plans a romantic dinner but gets a nasty surprise.

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