Home Scandals 82 year old woman caught F#Cking 23 year old BEN 10

82 year old woman caught F#Cking 23 year old BEN 10

poking in the bush

An old woman has been caught red handed while having s_ex with her young grandson in NewCastle, KwaZulu Natal.

This shameful act took place in a village in New castle when shocked residents stumbled into the young man having se_x with his own grandmother and when they were caught na_ked, the old woman told the horror stricken family members that her grandson was only helping her to shave her pubic hair.

But on interrogation, the young man said it was not the first time the old woman would lure him into having s_ex with her as they have done it on many occasions.

Disgusted members of the public wanted to burn the ‘couple’ but were stopped when the police van passed by and saw commotion at the house. The police whisked the ashamed couple away to an unknown location for their protection. The boy, 23, is said to have been orphaned at a very young age and the granny took him in.

The grandson added that the “relationship” started when he was 20 and his grandmother forbid him from dating other girls saying they should keep breeding within the family even though the granny is past her menopause.

Source : iMzansi

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