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7 mistakes people regret making during S.E.X

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We all make mistakes and learn from them. But when it comes to sex, it’s better to learn from the experience of others and not to turn off your partner because of a silly blunder. We asked seven people about their faux pas in bed and here’s what they had to say…

“I used to fall asleep immediately after sex, and my girlfriend started thinking I am selfish in bed. She did not talk about it initially, and it slowly started hampering our relationship. One day we had an argument over this, and she called me self-centred! I had no idea that sleeping immediately after sex can cause this much trouble. Now, I take my little sweet time to get back and cuddle her.”- Rohit Verma, 26.

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“I used to be really shy about what I like, and now I regret it. Later I realised, it’s equally about my pleasure, and I can’t fake being satisfied for too long. I had a discussion with my husband about it and sex life got better than ever before.”- Jhanvi Gupta, 28

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“I was going down on my husband and just before doing it, I started yawning. He got irritated and asked me to sleep immediately. I was a big turn off for him and I felt bad about it later. I learnt my lesson and have not repeated this mistake again.”- Sneha Tandon, 29

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