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5 places you should never touch a woman during S.E.X

5 Places to never touch a woman during sex

The ingredients of a great sex session include exploration, experimentation and understanding your partner’s needs. But most importantly, you need to have the right knowledge! If you are looking forward to a sizzling time with her, make sure you know where NOT to touch her…ever! Here are six spots to avoid during sex…

5 Places to never touch a woman during sex

Head of clitoris

We know clitoris is a super-sensitive zone and has a lot of nerve endings, but stimulating the head of clitoris vigorously can actually turn out to be an intense and painful experience for her. Imagine gulping a cup of piping hot coffee immediately followed by an ice-cold beverage. The feeling is not pleasant…right?

Instead, try rubbing around in circles or simply at the shaft of clitoris.


If you reach her cervix during sex, it is a danger sign. Cervix is the narrow canal that connects the vagina to uterus, and is the place where the baby grows. It is definitely not the place to touch, and you need to switch to a position that offers less penetration.


Don’t touch her feet if she’s wearing socks! Wondering why? According to a study from Johns Hopkins University, wearing socks in the sack can increase the chances of having an orgasm. This logic applies for men as well. Another reason is that women need to be completely relaxed to climax, and cold feet can be an uncomfortable distraction.

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