Pastor keeps 4 WOMEN as SEX SLAVES

Pastor keeps 4 WOMEN as SEX SLAVES

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LAST Thursday Daily Sun told the story of two women who were kept as a pastor’s sex slaves. Now two other women have come forward, adding to the nightmare. That means Pastor keeps 4 WOMEN as SEX SLAVES

The two, aged 23 and 31, said they had bad experiences with the pastor.

They said the pastor would bring magoshas home and have sex with them . . . and they were supposed to be praying in the same room!

The pastor is described as a sex pest who does dodgy business with people who look like drug dealers.

The women said they met the pastor through a friend in Duduza, Ekurhuleni, who invited them to his church. “We would worship in his house and do church things,” said one of the women. “But there were only three of us in the house and we had to contribute money all the time.”

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